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SWIM Coalition is comprised of locals and organizations with knowledge of stormwater issues, as well as the needs and assets of NYC communities. 


Interested in speaking with a SWIM expert? Contact us.



Riverkeeper Blog - Happy 10th Anniversary to the SWIM Coalition in NYC

Courthouse News - NYC Beachgoers Beware, EPA Hit With Sprawling Sewage Suit

NRDC Expert Blog - We're in Court, as EPA, NY State, NYC Fail on Clean Water

Queens Chronicle - Envisioning Cleaner Flushing Bay Waters



City Limits - Stormwater is New Challenge to City's Clean Water Plans

City Limits - City and State Remain at Impasse Over Clean Water Moves



Riverkeeper - SWIM Coalition Honors Carter Strickland



City Limits - Critics Slam City Plan to Reduce Sewage Spills

NRDC Switchboard - Is NYC Content to Lead the Nation in Raw Sewage Discharges?


Waterfront Alliance - NYC Council Talks Turkey with the SWIM Coalition


JLC Online - NYC Adopting Green Remedies for Stormwater Runoff


Metro Forensics - NYC Announces Major Expansion of Nationally Recognized Green Infrastructure Program to Further Health of Local Waterways

NY League of Conservation Voters - Policy Forum on Green Infrastructure

Times Ledger - Boaters Battle Flushing Bay Pollution


Inhabitat - Apply for NYC Green Room Tax Abatement

SWIM - NYC's Green Past, Present, and Future



Town-Village - Last Paddle of the Season at Stuy Cove


Deep Root - Green Roofs Certified Wildlife Habitats



City Atlas - Manhattan's East Side Waterfront Gets Kayaks


New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) - NYC Leads Green Infrastructure Movement: Blueprint to Achieve Greener Stormwater Systems

Capital New York - Gray and Green: The Story of a Big-City Sewer System that Worked Too Well


HighView Creations - Highview Creations and SWIM Take on NYC Green Roof Tax Credit



Huffington Post - On World Water Day, Splashing for a Swimmable NYC

PBS - With Public Lab, A Camera Flies in Brooklyn to Monitor Pollution

Human Impacts Institute - Poop in the Water and Community Awareness: HII and SWIM


CS Monitor - Green Solutions for NYC's Overflowing Sewers


Alive Structures - July SWIM Meeting


Alive Structures - Sewage in NY's Rivers

Local Ecologist - How to: Sustainable Parks and Open Spaces



WNYC - NY Looks to Philadelphia for Ideas on Sewer Overflow Issues

Friends of Brook Park - Presentation at SWIM


Green Home NYC - Mind in the Gutter


Green Roofs - Take a SWIM Coalition Green Roof Tax Credit Survey


Archidose - Minds in the Gutter, Recap



Green Roofs Awards of Excellence - SWIM Receives 2009 Civic Award of Excellence: Organization



Observer - Sustainable South Bronx: Helping The Bronx Become a Sustainable Community


Fordham - Solving a Crisis: Water Quality & Storm Water Infrastructure in NYC

Atlantic Yards Report - Will Bloomberg's PlaNYC 2030 Survive his Mayoralty? Should it?


Tree Hugger - Advocating a Sustainable Stormwater Plan for NYC



Sustainable Flatbush - Stormwater Infrastructure Matters


Streets Blog - SWIM Coalition Kickoff: Groups to Ask Mayor Bloomberg to Make Waterways Clean Enough for Swimming


New York Times - Opinion: Pipe Dreams

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