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Image: NYC Soil & Water Conservation District

External Resources

Water Quality Advisories
New York City

Current NYC Waterbody Advisories

NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) map shows waterbodies in red when there is a CSO advisory.


Weather in the Watershed

Newtown Creek Alliance’s alert system sends a text after a rainfall intense enough to possibly trigger a CSO overflow.


WAIT… Program

NYC DEP’s pilot program in East Williamsburg sends a text alert before and during intense rain storms.


New York State

Sewage Pollution Right to Know

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) alert system sends texts or emails when there are reported sewage spills or CSOs in New York State. Historical reports are also available.


New Jersey

NJ CSO Group CSO Notification System

Interactive map with real-time updates on which municipalities may be experiencing a CSO event based on computer simulations. Visualization may be filtered by municipality or waterbody.

North Hudson Sewerage Authority Waterbody Advisory System

Real-time reports from CSO outfalls on NJ's  Hudson River shoreline based on sewer sensors from Hoboken to Guttenberg.

Water Quality Monitoring

NYC Department of Environmental Protection Harbor Survey

Weekly water sampling conducted by the DEP during the recreational season (June - September), and monthly sampling off season (October - May). 


NYC Water Trail Association

Seasonal water quality testing collected by a coalition of citizen scientists for the NY Harbor. Updated regularly.


Riverkeeper’s Hudson River Data

Seasonal water quality testing for the Hudson River available in interactive maps, tables and charts. Updated regularly.


Save the Sound’s Water Quality Testing

Seasonal water quality testing for Long Island Sound available in an interactive map at the end of the sampling period.

Agency Reports

NYC Department of City Planning: NYC Waterfront Revitalization Program

The NYC Waterfront Revitalization Program (WRP) establishes the City’s policies for waterfront planning, preservation, and development projects to ensure long term consistency. 

NYC Department of Environmental Protection: Green Infrastructure Plan

In September 2010, New York City released the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan which presents an alternative approach to improving water quality that integrates “green infrastructure,” such as rain gardens and green roofs, with investments to optimize the existing system and to build targeted, cost-effective “grey” or traditional infrastructure. DEP produces annual progress reports.

NYC Office of the Mayor: One NYC

Following in the footsteps of "PlaNYC," "One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City (OneNYC)" is a groundbreaking effort to address NYC's long-term challenges: the forecast of 9 million residents by 2040, changing climate conditions, an evolving economy, and aging infrastructure. Annual progress reports are released in April.

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