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Financial Support

generous support for SWIM has come from:

The Lily Auchincloss Foundation

The van Ameringen Foundation

NYC Soil and Water Conservation District

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 

Hudson River Estuary Program


New York City Environmental Fund (NYCEF) Newtown Creek Fund of
the Hudson River Foundation

...and many more, including individual SWIM supporters too numerous to mention here!

Thanks to everyone working to support SWIM's mission!

SWIM Coalition would like to especially acknowledge the support of
Riverkeeper, Inc.


Because SWIM Coalition is not an independent fiscal entity, Riverkeeper provides the infrastructure for SWIM’s grants and donations.   

You can support our work

Your donations to SWIM are tax deductible under the IRS code 170(c)3. 

Donations to SWIM are managed by Riverkeeper, Inc. 

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