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NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation Issues Request for Public Comment on their Revised Rule Chang

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Last year, New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) introduced and held public hearings for public comment on their proposed rulemaking to amend water quality standard regulations and the classification of Upper and Lower New York Bay.

Now, in response to our public comments, NYS DEC has made several changes to the original proposal, and now seeks written public comment on those revisions. They are not holding any meetings to review the revisions with the public.

SWIM's steering committee is reviewing the revised documents, there are 8 new documents to review! We will update this post and send out action alerts as soon as we know what the proposed revisions entail.

Here is a link to our original blog post on the proposed amendments and the public hearings. Here is a link to the comment letter from Riverkeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council and Save the Sound regarding the proposed changes DEC presented to the public last year.

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