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NYC Public Advocate Sustainability Forum: Candidates shared their views on Climate Change

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

SWIM Coalition was a co-sponsor of the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund’s non partisan Public Advocate Sustainability Forum along with many NYC environmental advocacy groups from around the City.

13 out of the 23 candidates running for NYC Public Advocate (in the upcoming February 26th special election) participated in the forum, which was moderated by Politico New York's City Hall Reporter, Gloria Pazmino and hosted by Brooklyn Law School. See list of forum participants below.

The candidates were asked a series of questions about how they will address various aspects of the City’s environmental agenda such as congestion pricing, legalization of electric bikes and scooters, key programs in the Mayor’s OneNYC Plan, improving the City’s recycling program, and the recent lead poison scandal in NYCHA housing.

The forum provided citizens with an opportunity to hear first-hand where the candidates stand on the city's environmental goals and policies. SWIM was proud to be a part of this important gathering! Thanks to NY League of Conservation Voters Education Fund for organizing the the event and inviting SWIM Coalition to participate!

You can watch the forum on YouTube here.

The new Public Advocate will replace Leticia James (until the final election in November 2019), who is now the New York Attorney General. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson is the acting Public Advocate. Here is a good article from the NYT about the Public Advocate position and how the special election process will work. Here is a list of the candidates currently on the ballot.

Candidates who participated in the Sustainability Forum include:

State Assembly Member Michael Blake

David Eisenbach

City Council Member Rafael Espinal

Ifeoma Ike

Walter Iwachiw

Nomiki Konst

Jared Rich

City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez

Dawn Smalls

City Council Member Eric Ulrich

State Assembly Member Latrice Walker

City Council Member Jumaane Williams

Benjamin Yee

Michael Zumbluskas

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