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Calling All Waterway Advocates! Important DEP Public Meeting March 7,2018. for the East River LTCP

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

DEP is holding an important public meeting on Wednesday, March 7th to discuss the City's CSO Long Term Control Plan for the East River.

We are concerned about the City's plan for the East River. As of now, in addition to the 10 billion gallons of sewer overflows that already discharge into the East River every year, the City is proposing to divert an additional 239 million gallons per year (MGP) of sewer overflow into the river from the Bronx River (149 MGY) and Newtown Creek (90 MGY) sewersheds. And the State has signed off on the proposed plans.

Please join us at this important public meeting to learn more about the City's plans and let them know we oppose dumping more sewage into the East River. RSVP for the meeting here and see below for more details.

Here is a map (from our friends at Open Sewer Atlas) of the sewer outfalls along the East River and information about current water quality conditions in the waterway.

Here is a SWIM fact sheet that describes all the activities that take place on the river and provides an overview the City's plans to improve water quality in the E. River over the next decade or two.

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