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News from SWIM Coalition

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Baltimore's @ProfTrashWheel

News from SWIM Coalition

In This Issue:


  • Governor Cuomo overturns NYC Carryout Bag Bill

  • New York Proposes Amendment to State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)

  • U.N. Announces World Water Day Focus on Wastewater

  • Baltimore’s Solar and Hydro Powered Aquatic Trash Collectors have intercepted 1 Million Pounds of Debris [pictured]

  • DEP announces $20 million Sewer Upgrade to Improve Drainage and Flooding in S.E. Queens, The Plan includes Green Infrastructure


  • March 11: Bronx River Alliance Concrete Plant Park Cleanup

  • March 16: DEP’s Green Infrastructure Grant Workshop

  • March 22: Bronx Council for Environmental Quality: 16th Annual Water Conference

  • April 15: Guardians of Flushing Bay 5k Fun Run


  • Waterfront Alliance: Maritime Programs Intern

  • NYC DEP Bureau of Wastewater Management: Biosolids Program Manager


NEWS: Governor Cuomo overturns NYC Carryout Bag Bill Governor Cuomo signed S.4158/A.4883 into law, voiding New York City's legislation and preventing the city from passing a new bill until January 2018. In a statement along with his signing of the law, the Governor pledged to create a task force to research and develop a plan to resolve the issue of plastic bag pollution. More about it here. New York Proposes First Major Amendment to State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)

On January 17th, the DEC released proposed changes to SEQRA regulations that would encourage more state-wide efforts in the areas of existing building reuse as well as green infrastructure. This proposal states that the term “green infrastructure” should be added to SEQRA’s list of definitions and green infrastructure retrofitting processes to be added to the law’s Type II list (which is a set of actions that have been determined to cause no significant adverse environmental impacts and therefore do not require an further review under SEQRA). The proposed amendments represent the first major proposed revisions to SEQRA in more than two decades. To read more about this proposed change, click here. UN Announces Wastewater Focus for World Water Day Since 1992, the United Nations has designated March 22 World Water Day. “It’s a day to celebrate water.” This year, the focus for World Water Day is on wastewater and how to use it a resource. Click here for the fact sheet from the UN on Wastewater. FYI: SWIM Coalition had our inaugural launch celebration in Stuyvesant Cove on World Water Day in 2007. We're psyched that wastewater is being highlighted on World Water Day 2017. Here's a link to an article about our launching the coalition 10 years ago! Baltimore’s Solar and Hydro Powered Aquatic Trash Collector

Powered by 30 solar panels and the water current, the Water Wheel Trash Interceptor can remove a whopping 50,000 pounds of trash from the harbor per day. Designed by Clearwater Mills' John Kellett and Daniel Chase, the solar-powered trash collector generates 2,500 watts of electricity a day, which is enough energy to power the average Maryland home. Click here for more information and see photo. Baltimore's Solar Powered Trash Wheel has it's own twitter account! @ProfTrashWheel

DEP announces $20 million Sewer Upgrade to Improve Drainage and Flooding in S. E. Queens

In addition to traditional gray infrastructure projects, an estimated 200 curbside rain gardens will be constructed to intercept stormwater before it ever enters the sewer system, the plan also includes green infrastructure improvements at four City parks, two public schools, and two NYCHA developments. Bluebelts are also being constructed to help manage stormwater at Springfield Lake, Baisley Pond, Twin Ponds and Brookville Triangle. Click here for details


Saturday, March 11th: Bronx River Alliance Concrete Plant Park Cleanup

Please come help keep our community waters and areas clean! Saturday, March 11th, 10 am-12 pm, Concrete Plant Park 1372 Westchester Ave. Between Bronx River Ave. & Whitlock Ave. Click here for more information.

Thursday, March 16: NYC DEP Green Infrastructure Grant Workshop The New York City Department of Environmental Protection offers a Green Infrastructure grant program for private property owners in the combined sewer areas of New York City. If selected, DEP will provide funds for the design and construction of the green infrastructure system. Eligible projects include blue roofs, rain gardens, green roofs, porous pavement and rainwater harvesting on private property in combined sewer areas. Their next workshop is Thursday, March 16th, 3-5 pm at Civic Hall-12th Floor, 118 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011. Click here to register for the workshop. Wednesday, March 22nd: Bronx Council for Environmental Quality: 16th Annual Water Conference

Whether you live or work in the Harlem River Watershed, you are invited to join the conversation about how we can Clean the Harlem River. The meeting will have two components: a Green Infrastructure workshop for private property owners (3-5pm), followed by BCEQ's annual meeting featuring a guest speaker from the Anacosta Watershed Society (5-7pm). March 22nd, 3-7 pm, Manhattan College, Leo Engineering, Fischbach Room (4th floor), 3840 Corlear Avenue, Bronx, NY 10463. Please click here for more information and to register. Saturday, April 15th: Guardians of Flushing Bay 5k Fun Run

This is the Guardians of Flushing Bay's first fundraiser! On April 15th, they'll host a "Fun Run" 5K run along the Flushing Bay Promenade. Registration is by donation; pay what you like. Please join! Saturday, April 15th, 9-11:30 am, Flushing Bay Promenade, Queens, NY 11213. Click here to register.


Waterfront Alliance Seeks a Maritime Programs Intern

Assist with planning, content development, recruitment, and record keeping for waterfront programs. For more information: Apply Here. NYC DEP Bureau of Wastewater Management Seeks a Biosolids Program Manager The Biosolids Program is tasked with the development of plans and approaches to move away from landfilling and maximize the benefit and value of the recovered products. The Biosolids Program Manager for the DEP BWT will direct the biosolids program on all levels for all DEP wastewater treatment/resource recovery facilities. The position will develop and implement a Biosolids Strategic Plan, create and manage a Biosolids Beneficial Reuse Program, manage program and process development and improvements, and oversee contracts for transportation, on-site and off-site treatment, and beneficial reuse and/or other final destination options. For more information and to apply click here.

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