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Take Action on NYC's Citywide/Open Waters CSO Long Term Control Plan!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Attention waterway stakeholders: Public Comments are due March 2nd for the Citywide/Open Waters CSO Long Term Control Plan which covers the majority of New York Harbor including the Hudson River, Harlem River, Upper New York Bay, Lower New York Bay, Kill van Kull, the East River, and the western portion of Long Island Sound as well as the many inlets and embayments that line these waterways.

Scroll down for links to comment letter templates.

The City's proposed plan falls far short of federal health standards for clean water:

NYC DEP's recommended plan would only reduce CSO pollution in the city's waters by 2% to 4% over the next decade and includes only $42 million in new funds for CSO reduction. (in 2019 dollars). Under this plan, the waters would continue to fall short of EPA's health standards. The City and can and should do better. Click here to learn more about the details in the proposed plan.

Waterway stakeholders across the city are calling on the City and State to abandon their current approach and put forward a real cleanup plan that dramatically reduces sewage pollution, meets federal health standards, prioritizes waterfront recreation for the public, and is designed to handle climate change.

Please send a comment letter to City and State officials by March 2nd to get your input on the public record and be sure to cc Here are two easy ways to do it:

2. For individuals: Click here to send a message to DEP, the Mayor, the Governor, and the City Council Speaker letting them know you expect them to reject this plan and ensure that New York's waterways are safe and clean for all. Our voices matter! Call on the City and State to do better for all New Yorkers.

Image credit: Dragonboaters on Flushing Bay. City Limits 2017

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